tyaktvaa mama-ahaM iti baMdhakarE padE dvEmaana-avamaana sadRSaa@h samadarSina@h chakartra@h-anyaM avagamya tat arpitaanikurvaMti karma paripaaka phalaani dhanyaa@h--- aadi SaMkarula dhanyaashTakaM nuMchiHaving given up two binding words "I and mine"being equal towards the likes of honor-dishonor as wellunderstood the difference of doer (from self) and resigning (results thereof in that doer)performs actions of fully ripened results - those are blessed---  Adi Sankara's "praise of the blessed" stotramRemembered this SlOka when I heard through various social media channels that the jagadguru of Sringeri has been dishonored at a function by an ignorant person. The results surely bind the ignorant and never touch those with wisdom. May god [...]

tajaa vyaaKyalu toli kaayitaM Kinige
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jalleDa guriMchi sahaayaM

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