Dear sir,In the article published in The Hindu, you gave an example of farmer selling tomatoes at Rs.6 a kg and the consumer paying Rs.15 or above. You have concluded saying the difference is earned by middleman.Let us understand how this happens?The farmer in Madanapalli, Kadapa or any other  wholesale markets sell to the buyers in basketful quantities. Ofcourse, a commission agent makes a deal between the farmer and the buyer for a small authorised commission by the market authorities.The buyer is not allowed to grade or remove any thing from the basket and he has to pick up the basket as a whole. Normally he buys a truck load from the market.Now the buyer has to get the baskets loaded into the truck and pay the hamalis( the loaders). The truck has to carry the tomatoes from this market to the near by city or town at a cost which has to be paid by the buyer. Again this buyer becomes the seller in the city/ town and he has to sell  to the local buyer by using the [...]

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