Laugh my friend as nothing changes In the world,Everything's fine, and simple,Cute and beautiful.Laugh my friend as nothing bothers You in the world,Every moment's 'be cherished,Nothing will ever be perished.Laugh my friend like when you wereA child And everything's at your feet,And did not know defeat.Laugh my friend 'cas it's heavenTo be and simple like A child, And the world's benevolent.And Laugh my friend 'cas Nothing's impossible in A benevolent universe,Impossible means I'm possible.Laugh my friend,It's just a matter of SeventeenMuscles it cost an effort, And nothing more.Laugh my friend till you die, And don't ask me why,'Cas it's your life's at it's highAnd never let your hope die.I thank Chanti for his quick response when I asked him to fill the poem after the first stanza.For a friend who is in need of a loud laughter...

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