Yes, your cows were stolenYes, you saw them tanning the skinwhy didn't you confirm the belongingnesswhy did you hurry to beat black and blueThis is called fundamentalism!vengeance on marginalised!Where are the thieves?if they are caughtif they not dalitscan you repeat 'black and blue'this is called caste discrimination!what can you owe memy dignity, respect, identitymy hands were wet with bloodI was having sharpest knives on my handsbut I don't want to see your bloodwalk along with me to the religion of humanityto practice 'three gems' of our constitutionLIBERTY, EQUALITY, FRATERNITY[In Solidarity to my brethren in Amalapuram attack]

తాజా వ్యాఖ్యలు తొలి కాయితం Kinige
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