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బ్లాగు పుస్తకం పరిచయ సభ విజయవాడలో. అందరూ ఆహ్వానితులే. వివరాలకై ఇక్కడ చూడండి.
    PostIndia is a book we wish to write that would delve into the Indian psyche and find the common threads the runs through the diversity of this magnificent nation. It seeks to tell the story of our great nation, its bustling cities, its myriad by lanes and of the people that inhabit it. A lot has been written about India, and a lot more will be, but we wish to explore what it means for you to be part of this country and some place you call home. Tell us about the place you come from, the place you go to work and the experiences that you have along the way. In a place as diverse as ours one could not help but be daubed with colors, black and white, saffron and green, and a multitude of colors along the way.There is an India that exists in us, a very personal India that exists only in our hearts and minds. One that no one would talk about normally. PostIndia is a project to unravel that India.Do write back with your views, experiences, photographs and grandmother tales.You can [...]
    Loksatta Party national President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan’s election campaign schedule on Friday, April 18:9.00 – 11.00 a.m. -- Interaction with youth at Hotel Silver Park, Ameerpet 11.00- 12.30 p.m. – Walk/Road show from Satyam theatre to Sanathnagar police station5.00 p.m.- 6.00 p.m. – Ntv Big Fight program at Malkajgiri government school7.00- 8.00 p.m. – ABN program with Malkajgiri Loksabha contestants in Malkajgiri
    Andhrabhoomi - హబ్సిగూడలో లోక్ సత్తా రోడ్ షోAndhrabhoomi - ఓటు కోసం అరాచకాలుAndhrajyothy - సమస్యల పరిష్కారానికి ప్రాధాన్యం - లోక్ సత్తా నేత హైమా ప్రవీణ్Andhrajyothy - అవినీతిరహిత పాలనను అందిస్తాం - లోక్ సత్తా అభ్యర్థి దోసపాటి రాముAndhrajyothy - జీఎం పంటలపై ఈసీకి జవాబిచ్చాం: లోక్ సత్తాAndhrajyothy - మార్పు కోసం లోక్ సత్తాను ఆదరించాలి: జేపీEenadu - అన్నీ ఉచితం సాధ్యం కాదు: జేపీEenadu - లోక్ సత్తా తుది జాబితాEenadu - మార్పు కోసం లోక్ [...]
    I am not a registered voter in Bangalore.There. I said it. I am sitting here diddling my thumb as others around me go and elect their government.In the 14 years since I qualified as a voter, I have voted once. As it happens, shortly before I turned 18, I left home and have lived in hostels, other cities, other countries ever since, never remaining in one place for more than 4 years. Being politically aware at the national and state level but mostly feeling as an outsider to the proceedings in immediate vicinity. I voted in the last LS elections because I happened to be in Lucknow on the election day.In 2009, When I looked up the candidates I had to choose between, I was stuck. For me, Lucknow meant Vajpayee, someone I had come to admire. Given that he was a top level leader, his views on variety of issues were well known. But by 2009, he was no longer around. As his nominee, we had Lal ji Tandon from BJP - someone I had never liked. Congress had Rita Bahuguna in fray. Hardly [...]
    I had not planned to write a review on Chennai Express, so I just storified some of my tweets and writing some quick thoughts on it. I did not understand what the hullabaloo over its criticism was. It was like any other Rohit Shetty movie, in fact, in many ways better than his other films. I enjoyed it, especially its second half. In the end, they pay a tribute to Thalaiva in Lungi Dance but I felt this movie was a tribute to Shah Rukh Khan himself. The film includes references to all his films — Dilwale Duhaniya Le Jayenge, My Name is Khan, Dil Se, Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman. The message of the film when Rahul says, "Never underestimate the power of the common man", was referring to Shah Rukh himself who has made it in the Hindi film industry on his own, without any godfathers, without any dynastic linkages. It is his struggle that is shown in the film. Also, I was fascinated by his t-shirt that had a picture of Steve McQueen and his motorcycle. Steve McQueen was called as [...]
    These elections look more and more like the Mad hatter's Tea Party with toffees and balloons. This is what elections have come too. Toffees and Balloons and a tea party! This is what it has come down to: slandering and more slandering. And let us not forget the sprinkling's of 'off with their heads'!  We are really in wonderland or rather its very antonym: dread sea! The whole show is absurd. They are now even borrowing catchy lines from popular TV ads to make their point! I wonder what we can expect next.Though I agree with one of the star campaigners that these elections are or should be for the heart of India, my take is somewhat different.In the past decade or so I have seen, felt, fallen in love and embraced the heart of India. The heart of India is the slum kid who smiles, the little child who begs at a red light, the millions who survive despite every politician and do so with rare dignity and courage. Th heart of India is the desperate mother who [...]
    Disclaimer: The grim topic was not my idea. This public service post has been issued courtesy my sister who holds an M.B.B.S. degree from G.M.S. (Google Medical School). I'm close to getting mine too. So my sister called me at 10:30 pm. As soon as I said 'Hello?', she said, "Are you drinking enough milk?" It was past bedtime for good girls like me. The lights were out and I was already in bed. Yet, my response to her question was rather long and articulate."Hainnnnnnnn???" I said."Calcium," she said. "Are you getting enough calcium?""You're calling me past my bedtime to ask me if I am getting enough calcium??""Yes. Don't take it lightly. It's very important. Adult bone mass peaks around the age of 30 and declines after that. Now is the time to get serious. These days, even young people are getting osteoporosis. It's painful and you can't do anything about it. In spite of the easy preventive measure. Calcium. Are you getting 1000 mg of calcium every [...]
    Source www.duckbill.inPhiss Phuss BoomBy Anushka Ravishankar, Jerry Pinto & Sayoni BasuIllustrated by Vinayak VarmaDuckbill BooksAges 6-9Phiss Phuss Boom is a very tastefully done book (sounds weird to say that about a book with fart stories, but it is true!) There’s no potty humour, just explosive blasts at the end of each story. Three stories, short and engrossing, take the reader to Kerala, Goa and Bengal. Perfect for young readers taking their first steps in the world of chapter books. And how lovely to have characters with names like Appukuttan and Phool Dida! (I would be erring if I didn't mention that Phool Dida’s grandfather played football with Robi Thakur.) The illustrations by Vinayak Varma are brilliant; a lot of thought has gone into each of them. ‘Farts? Intelligence?’ You ask? Did you know the connection between Boyle’s law and farts? See!As a prelude to each story, the author introduces a doting grandparent and proceeds to describe his/her [...]
    India has become the fourth biggest market for Renault’s compact sports utility vehicle Renault Duster globally, with sales touching 85,974 units in the country, since the launch of the vehicle in 2012. The combined production of Renault and Dacia branded… The post India fourth largest global market for Renault Duster appeared first on The Business, Finance & Investments Blog.
    Billionaire Sunil Mittal’s Bharti Group, which runs India’s largest mobile operator by revenue and subscribers, is in advanced talks to form a cash-and-carry joint venture with French retailer Carrefour, having broken off its sixyear strategic partnership with the world’s largest… The post Bharti in talks with Carrefour for wholesale JV appeared first on The Business, Finance & Investments Blog.
    Chipmaker AMD today announced India availability of its new AM1 platform featuring  quad-core and dual-core variants of the AMD APUcodenamed “Kabini” into the component channel for system builders.The AM1 platform, branded with the AMD Athlon™ and AMD Sempron™ APU brands will deliver award-winning Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture and “Jaguar” CPU cores on motherboards from […]
    This appeared in The Week...                     India comes of age with ‘Baby Doll’ Sunny Leone…Appropriately enough, I am writing this on All Fools’ Day! And in front of me is a copy of a popular fanzine featuring ‘Baby Doll’ Sunny Leone. It quotes her as stating, “I know that many people don’t like what I represent…” Shall we call that the understatement of the year? So… what DOES Sunny Leone represent? Bluntly put : sleaze. Sunny Leone’s extraordinary life is worth a film in itself. But right now, she is enjoying the success of her horror-erotic movie, ‘Ragini MMS 2’. I haven’t watched it so far. But going by the reviews, it is obvious Ms. Leone has a valid reason to celebrate. So does her canny producer, Ekta Kapoor. For those coming in late, Sunny Leone ( real name Karenjit kaur Vohra, born in 1981), an established adult film star in Canada, [...]
    After a post on the Malabar Whistling Thrush (whose song I frequently remember, with what can only be called longing) I had written:I told you I am on the verge of bird mania.  Now all I need is a good pair of binoculars and a holiday in the jungle with AEF. :)And this holiday fulfilled this wish (and fuelled more wishes, but that's for later.)  Such a pleasure walking with AEF (Avian-encyclopedia friend) in the jungle looking at birds! And birds are such delightful creatures.  Each time I come back from a spate of birdwatching, it hits me all over again.But birdwatching is one thing, and bird-photographing is quite another.  Some amateurish efforts, mainly an attempt to document all this for myself.White-capped red starterGreen barbetRed-vented bulbulBee-eater.  Notice the tail in the tail.Sunbird.  We saw purple sunbirds too. Utterly beautiful, flighty creature.Actually shines in the sun.Green barbet on a peepul tree.There were no [...]
    Indian marketers are in love with germs. Many brands have taken up the task of protecting Indian consumers from the deadly attack from the germs. Keedanu is often the generic term used by Indian marketers to denote the germs. For many brands, especially in the cleaning segment, the basic USP of most of the brands is the germ-fighting. Marketers have chosen different ways to visualize the germs. While some brands have tried to make the visualization close to reality, some brands have chosen to go beyond reality. A peep into how marketers visualize the deadly germs.DETTOLDettol has been in the forefront of fighting germs and the USP of the brand is " Be 100% Sure". This brand has visualized germs in a realistic manner.Dettol Handwash Dettol SoapLIFEBUOYLifebuoy  is a brand which fights Dettol in terms of the positioning. While Lifebuoy soap which boasts of protecting consumers from 10 types of Keedanu has chosen to depict these germs in a realistic [...]
    No-Mad!No-Mad and I go way back. I still remember my conversations with Valerie and Anuj, about this splendid creative idea and vision they had, and I have been waiting with bated breath for the launch of this vision, the lifestyle brand: No-Mad. The wait has been worth it's while - No-Mad showcases, yet again, Valerie's brilliance as a designer and Anuj's enthusiasm as a creative entrepreneur. No-Mad products are quirky, they are contemporary, colorful and bright, elegant yet exuding a sense of comfort & familiarity. I can see the attention to design detail and the high standard of production quality from the images, and can't wait to feel that fine fabric and trace the intricate embroidery in person. The driving force behind the products at No-Mad is India. India and it's culture, it's day to day objects, how people interact with these objects. Valerie has brought in an interesting viewpoint - creating products that are quintessentially Indian in nature, but [...]
    The 2014 election campaign saw Karnataka taking some giant steps towards emulating the cinema-obsessed politics of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, with film actors (and actresses) of varying waist (and goggle) sizes turning up to campaign for political parties and candidates; some officially, many not. Sadly, reality just kicked in. The stars were only for […]
    Andhrajyothy - పేదలకు రేషన్ కార్డులు, పింఛన్లు అందడంలేదు: దోసపాటి రాముAndhrajyothy - ప్రజలకు అందుబాటులో ఉండే వారే ప్రజాప్రతినిధులు: హైమా ప్రవీణ్Andhrajyothy - వ్యవస్థ మార్పునకు లోక్ సత్తాకు అవకాశమివ్వండి: జేపీAndhrajyothy - మీ చీకటి చరిత్ర మాకు లేదు - వైసీపీపై లోక్ సత్తా ఆగ్రహంEenadu - లోక్ సత్తా రాష్ట్ర ఎన్నికల ప్రచార కమిటీ నియామకంEenadu - నిజమైన నాయకుడికే ఓటు వేయండిEenadu - చీకటి ఒప్పందాల చిరునామా వైకాపాదే: లోక్ [...]
    The following is the election campaign schedule of Loksatta Party national President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan and State party President Katari Srinivasa Rao in Kukatpally Assembly segment on Thursday, April 177.30- 8 a.m. -- Interaction with daily labor at Moosapeta Adda 8.15- 10.00 a.m. -- Road show from Kukatpally village bus stop to Housing Board Function Hall via Housing Board bus stop10.00- 11.30 a.m. -- Interaction with colony welfare associations at Kukatpally Housing Board Function Hall11.30 a.m.- 1.00 p.m. – Interaction with JP4MP youth at Kukatpally Housing Board Function Hall4.00- 9.00 p.m. -- Road show from Shyam Lal Building to Borabanda via Prakashnagar, Vinayaknagar, Sobhana Theatre, Fatehnagar and Motinagar
    The Election Commission of India has asked the Loksatta Party to explain its pledge to support GM (genetically modified) crops whereas it has given notices to the TDP and YSRCP on their promises to waive loans of farmers and self-help groups.State Loksatta Party President Katari Srinivasa Rao told media here today that the Election Commission wanted to know how the Loksatta could promise to promote GM crops when the Supreme Court was seized of a petition filed by Loksatta Party national President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan on GM crops.Katari clarified that the Loksatta and some farmers’ organizations in their petitions took exception to exclusion of agricultural experts from the committee that gives clearance for field trials of GM crops. It does not deal with the desirability or otherwise of GM crops. Katari said that while most political parties have either opposed introduction of GM crops or adopted an ambivalent attitude, the Loksatta Party has boldly and unequivocally [...]
    From a Karnataka perspective, the 2014 Lok Sabha election has been a roller-coaster ride. After the Congress’s thumping return to power in the 2013 assembly elections, the party believed it would repeat its showing in the general elections, thus making up for what is certain to be a serious rout in the Seemandhra region, following […]
          Indian Express editor-in-chief Shekhar Gupta‘s much-awaited book, Anticipating India, a compilation of his Saturday columns, has seen a change of cover. At left is the original cover, with the tagline “If Modi wins on Sunday”. At right, is the actual book jacket, with the tagline now reading “The best of National Interest”. The 516-page […]
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